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Prosper Mfundo
This is my testimony about Profs traditional healing work. All the way from UmthathaI drove to Johannesburg and met this great man. I had always had bad luck in my life. There was a point when I got divorced and other moments all my businesses collapsed. I had to go through court cases and endless financial woes that included debts with multiple credit fees to pay. It took Prof a few hours to cleanse my home and my body. At the moment things have completely changed. I’m settled in my new marriage and my new man has opened a new restaurant for me. I’m so grateful and will always be greatful to you

“1 year back I used to have fights and problems with my spouse. My spouse used to abuse me and cheat on me. When I approached Prof, I had doubts whether things could work out in the right way. I was requested to come with a few materials and we made an appointment with Prof. I was given simple instructions to follow. In 2 days my man dramatically changed and he apologised for all his mistakes. We began understanding each other and we forgot our misunderstandings. At the moment we have 2 kids and now waiting for him to take me down the isle as he has already proposed to me. Thank you Prof. for the great work to save my relationship.

Agatha Mitina
“Dear Prof.I would like to send my word of appreciation. I have been in a troubled marriage for the past 15 years. I contacted Prof. and followed a easy instruction for a divorce spell, where I tied the spells and put them under our matrimonial bed. Before contacting Prof I had struggled to win the divorce court case. Within a fortnight of applying the divorce spells our marriage was finish and over for good. I currently living in Bloemfontein in a single life.

My family and I had everything we wished for and life was good but due to jealousy my husband’s family hated me. In fact, he later left me and the kids for another woman, and asked for divorce. It was so painful. My kids and I suffered during this time. I visited church priests for help and all they did was to counsel me. I visited healers with no luck. I wasted a lot of money with no results. Luckily a caring dear friend took me to see PROF who had saved her marriage and whom she continues to consult up to today. I paid a R100 consultation fee and he accurately read my fortune and told me about all my problems without me saying a word. he used a mirror to show me real faces of people who were trying to pull me down. PROF MIIRO performed special prayers for me, cleansed me from spells and bad luck. 3 months after these ceremonies, my husband came back home asking for forgiveness from me and our kids. We are now very happy, and my husband’s family have recently apologised for the problems they have put me through. All thanks to PROF

Though you may not fully understand now, the desire in you is the invisible guide that with belief will lead you to joy, success, and life of abundance.